About me

Andraž 'brodul' Brodnik


Seasoned Senior Software Architect and Site Reliability Engineer with 10+ years of experience in Python, JavaScript, and Bash who also worked with Elm, Nix, Elixir with experience designing, implementing, and managing cutting-edge deployment automation of cloud resources.


  • Python (Flask, Pyramid, Django), Elm, JavaScript (Node, Vue, React...), Nix, Bash, Elixir
  • Docker, Kubernetes, Ansible, Terraform, Prometheus/Grafana, CI/CD
  • Redis, Apache Cassandra, Psql
  • GCP (GKE, GCE, GCS, DataFlow, BQ, SQL ... ) and AWS (EC2, S3, Route53, SQS, SES, IAM RDS)


  • GLOBALWEBINDEX, Senior Software Engineer Feb 2019 -- May 2020 (contract)

    • Create and maintain fully automated CI/CD pipelines for code deployment using CircleCI, Helm and Kubernetes
    • Solve architectural challenges and keep the platform stable and meet the SLOs
    • Build stress tests and design auto scaling to prepare the platform for global launch
    • Adapt monitoring to measure what is valuable for customers and the product team
    • Actively manage, improve, and monitor cloud infrastructure on GCP, GCE, GKE, DataFlow, Cloud SQL, including backups, patches, and scaling
    • Maintain Apache Cassandra cluster and Redis HA to enable low latency big data business decisions
    • Transform tribal knowledge to infrastructure as a code with Terraform and reduce cost
  • BRODUL S.P., Consultant Dec 2015 - Present

    • Manage/coach teams and team leads
    • Offer professional services and training on concepts/technologies like Cloud infrastructure, OKRs and planning, Disaster Recovery, security, Kubernetes, Prometheus, Python, Git
    • Build ETL systems, hardware testing framework, interconnection with robots (OPC-UA)
  • RECIPROCITY INC. , Software engineer Dec 2015 -- Oct 2017 (contract)

    • Responsible for delivering features on time and fix bugs (Python/JS/Golang)
    • Maintain critical infrastructure and manage 20+ RDS and AWS EC2 instances. Create and maintain fully automated CI/CD pipelines for code deployment using Jenkins
    • Working closely with the product team, writing technical/infrastructure documentation, implement the feature. cover with unit, integration and E2E tests
    • Responsible for SOC2 compliance process
    • Core security team member
  • APPOTEKA, System Administration/Python Developer Oct 2013 -- Feb 2015

  • Niteo d.o.o. , System Administration/Python Developer May 2011 -- Oct 2011
  • Nil Ltd. , Embedded System Developer May 2011 -- Oct 2011
  • Zemanta, System Administration Intern Jun 2010 -- Aug 2010



Google Cloud Certified - Professional Cloud Architect (July 7, 2020 - July 7, 2022)


  • Organizer -- Bsides Ljubljana (2016 - 2020)
  • President -- Linux User Group Slovenia (2016 - 2020)
  • Member -- Kiberpipa hackerspace (2008 -2014 )
  • Mentor -- Django Girls Ljubljana
  • Program Committee member -- PyConLT (2019)



University of Ljubljana

Bachelor of Science (BS), Electrical engineering, Telecommunications 2008 -- 2016