GSoC - Week 0 - Intro

Big surprise

I have been programming in python for the last 2 years, it all started with replacing Bash scripts with some simple python scripts.

The scripts became more and more complex and I started enjoying programming in general. I also realized that the demand of standard system administrators is decreasing and webdev seemed to be a good solution. So I looked into Plone, Django and BFG/pylons (now pyramid).

Then I had a opportunity to work on some small pyramid projects. And while learning the pyramid and other thing I did some small commits to the Shootout projects.

After talking to Domen Kožar I applied to GSoC. And I have been excepted.

About the project

I haven't super JavaScript experience so I have read 'JavaScript the good parts' and I still reading the project documentation and code. So I am behind my time line. So I decided I will write another blog post then I see the big picture.


After talking to Domen I decided I will write at least one blog post a week. This will help me work harder and evaluate stuff I have done in the week also setting goals for the next week.

My nickname is brodul and you can find me on FreeNode, twitter. I am reading the pylons-dev mailing list. I live in a CEST time zone (UTC +2).

Tasks for next week:

  • Take an exam on Wednesday (Radio-Communications)
  • Talk to the mentor (via Skype/Mumble/other)
  • Setup the development/test environment on Thursday (if necessary)
  • Evaluation of bugs on Github and fixing the easy ones (if present)