GSoC - 13-14

Things done so far

  • Migrated from bootstrap 2.3.2 to bootstrap 3.
  • Design changes:
    • Removed death space in Global panel
    • Fixed tables styling
    • Made panels to horizontal navbars
    • The current selected request is represented clearly

Things I learned

  • If you do migration from bootstrap 2 to 3 be careful if you use modals with external content. (In bootstrap 3 the whole modal needs to be defined in the external source not just the body)
  • It seems that the old selenium drivers are useless so we need to use the new ones.

What's up next:

The pencil down was already called but I will continue to work on the pyramid debug toolbar.

The reasons are simple: my work is currently not mergable I have to fix the selenium test, add some unit tests and polish the GUI a bit more. Then release an alfa and poke the experienced people to give bugreports and then when mcdonc approves it release with the new pyramid.

I think only then the GSoC work makes sense.

I would like to thank you all I learned a lot.