GSoC - 11-12

Please chechout the bootstrap-gui repository at . Feel free to ping me @ #pyramid IRC (@Freenode) channel.

To check my work follow this steps:

  • rm -r VIRT_ENV_DIR/lib/python2.7/site-packages/pyramid_debugtoolbar*
  • cd your_project
  • mkdir src
  • cd src
  • git clone
  • cd pyramid_debugtoolbar
  • git checkout bootstrap-gui
  • VIRT_ENV/python develop
  • cd your_project
  • VIRT_ENV/python develop

If you use buildout take a look at mr.developer

Things done so far

  • I introduced the tabs to the UI
  • Moved the enable setting from the panels list to a seperate tab
  • Moved the global panels to a seperate tab
  • The toolbar object from the static requests aren't stored
  • Fix the UI for SQLA Select and Examine views (now loads into modals)

Things I learned

  • Bootstrap 2 and Bootstrap 3 introduce some unnecessary migration work

What's up next: